Thursday, 4 April 2013

Marie Montana - Johnny Dynell ft. David Ian Xtravaganza

Artwork: Alex Noble.

Batty Bass are proud to present Johnny Dynell's "Marie Montana"! 
NY Series Part 2.

Johnny Dynell, long standing member of House Of Xtravaganza, (the Latin house feared and respected, for its thousand trophies and fierce family pride) and New York's clubland royalty, produced Elements Of Vogue back in 1990 with David dePino. A track which captured the vogueing scene through its fierce battle beats and David Ian Xtravaganza's call to arms. Shortly after, a whirlwind of mainstream chart attention whipped up, through Madonna's 'Vogue', which heavily borrowed from the track and scene, which had been cultivating since the 60s in New York's Harlem ballrooms.

Last year Johnny Dynell remixed The Carry Nation's 'This Bitch Is Alive' for Batty Bass and we're very excited to have him back on the label for part 2 of the NY Series.

Marie Montana was born at the same recording session as Elements Of basically this is history baby....

Johnny Dynell
"After recording the vocals for "Elements Of Vogue" we were happy to be done and started (I almost hate to use the word —Damn you Scissor Sisters!) Kiki-ing in the vocal booth.
David DePino had this REALLY ugly shirt on and David Ian said, "Let me see the label". He looked and it said "Montana" on it. We gagged because we assumed that it was Claude Montana but it was so damn ugly.
Then he looked closely and in tiny print above the Montana was "Marie". It was a MARIE MONTANA! We completely lost it! "Marie Montana" was born."

On remix duties, Sydney's notorious DJ Sveta & production partner Tokoloshe serve up percussive slaps, vocal stabs and pounding kicks, perfectly capturing future club beats on their excellent mix.

"Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano"

Erol Alkan

Severino (Horse Meat Disco / Classic)
Sveta rmx amazing!!"

Toddla T

Pilocka Krach (Bar 25)
"Yeah Bass, Love the Talking!"

Jonjo Jury (Durr)
"Seriously just when you couldn't put out anothing fresher Batty Bass records go and do it again
all are great but think i'll play Vocal most"

Richie Hawtin
"downloaded for r hawtin"

Mandy Graves (Bassment NYC)
"Been waiting for this one since Johnny unleashed it for a test run in the Bassment. Thank you Batty Bass!"

All great mixes that will certainly werk the dancefloors. 

W. Jeremy Pelser (house Of Stank / Get Up Recordings)
"Loving the Vocal Mix and Sveta & Tokoloshe remix! <3 font="">

Drop The Lime

Dj Nita (The Carry Nation)
"Been loving miss Montana since she showed up.
Sveta & Tokoloshe BROUGHT it on this one!!"

Tomb Crew
"solid stuff as always from you guys!"