Thursday, 1 November 2012

Paris' Acid Ball 2nd Birthday

She's back for her 2nd Birthday!

It's been 2 whole years since Paris' Acid Ball burst into Dalston, setting the lazer pitt at Superstore and occasional other venues on fire with acid thunder & big room drama!

Our special birthday guests Farley & Heller made some of the finest records to hit the early 90s, becoming classics at Sound Factory and UK's Boys Own, with brand new retro future classic cuts burning holes on dancefloors, such as Terry Farley & Dan Beaumont's Fire and Farley Silvester's Jam Down Bea

t Down. We cant wait to have the legends werk the basement for all your dancing pleasures.

Our local hero Jeffery Hinton joins us upstairs with his magical box of gold dust.

Alongside Acid ballers Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont & DJ Squeaky

OooOooourque it out

Terry Farley Interview on Dalston Superstore Site