Friday, 29 July 2011

BB Tonight > Friday 29th July

We're back at XOYO !!!

Line UP

With us are the delectable and downright dirty electronic cauldron of musical magic - JAHCOOZI - live for your batty pleasures..

Also joining will be Mad Love's KEATON, who cross pollenates bass rhythms and styles to form dancefloor dynamite

Plus your faithfull Batty Bass resident head honcho HANNAH HOLLAND

GRAB YA ADVANCE CHEAP TICKETS HERE!​ts/gigdetails/29-jul-11-ba​tty-bass-xoyo/

Entry £5 all night, first 10 through the door get a Batty Bass album!!

BATTY BASS ALL NEW RADIO 22 w/ interviews and new material from Jahcoozi, Keaton, Bubba & More!!!!
BATTY BASS ALL NEW RADIO 22 by Hannah Holland