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Hannah Holland in i-DJ

Hannah Holland For i-D Mag by Hannah Holland

i-DJ: Hannah Holland

Hannah Holland is the deeply infectious resident Trailer Trash DJ who is well and truly, totally addicted to bass.

First strumming bass guitar in her best friend's band from the age of thirteen, Hannah's blood pumping live sets are always jam-packed full of dirty rhythms and decent beats. Full of cheek and brazen blonde ambition, she is now co-founder of event-turned-record-label Batty Bass as well as being one of the most reputable, sought after DJs on the East London rave scene. Playing only the tunes she feels the most passionate about, Hannah's daytime activities revolve around her scouting out vintage delights from underground record shops and hitting up her favourite blogs in search of the freshest new tracks to keep her fingers busy and her fans dancing. Describing her signature sound as “dark energy with a whirlpool of bass and rhythm” this one woman party brings the beats that make you move your dancing feet. A regular at events Wet Yourself, Acid Ball and Society, Hannah can also be found at a heap of dance festivals over the summer ahead.

i-D Online caught up with the lady DJ to find out whats happening in front of and behind her turntables right now.

Can you remember the first record you ever brought?

Me and my mate went up to Soho and bought some records from Black Market, It was a pretty intimidating place for two young girls to walk into. Dred Bass was one of the records I bought, a classic jungle tune and I still have it!

What is your favorite track of all time?

That's a hard question, there are so many! Maybe, 'Baby Wants To Ride', Frankie Knuckles (it never left the box); Omni Trio's 'Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Remix)' never fails to emote; Rick James, 'Give It To Me Baby'. I'm bad at this question!

Tell us about your most memorable party?

There are many, but one of my favorite was the Trailer Trash First Birthday. It was held in a disused prison, the oldest and largest in London, it used to be home to petty criminals in Dickensian times. It was complete madness, people going bonkers in cells!

What makes a good night?

A combination of a great crowd, who love their music and are there to dance their asses off, a really nice sounds system, originality and true genuine love of what their doing from the people behind it. Magical things can happen when all this is aligned!

You're a professional night owl, what’s your secret behind keeping fresh, awake and together?
Music and adrenaline are very powerful drugs.

Do you think being a female DJ in a predominately male industry makes your job harder?

I try not to think about it, I just do what I love.

Hannah Holland's top five places to party until you pass out:

Berlin - Panorama Bar
London - too many to mention. But Batty Bass is a good start!
Paris - Nouveau Casino
Stockholm - Under Bron
Porto - Plano B

Listen to Hannah's exclusive mix for i-D Online here and see our full i-DJ back catalogue here.

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