Thursday, 31 March 2011



For last Saturday’s party PARIS’ ACID BALL players (Hannah Holland, Sqeaky & Dan Beaumont) nominated their top ten Acid Ball bangers…

The Ride Committee feat Roxy – Get Huh (e-legal mix)
First saw Roxy perform this at Daisy Chain and he certainly tore it up, it has some of the best bitchin ever..I’ll push her down backwards, I HATE HUH! SQ

Armando – Let there be house (on youtube)
I have always been into armando, he has such an amazing catalouge. there are so many tracks of his to choose from but this track is pure Paris acid ball to the core. SQ

Danny Tenaglia – Bottom heavy (bottom heavy remix)
Such an amazing track …and long too. A total ballroom workout. Danny T at his best. It’s got it all: bass, acid, percussion all wrapped in a big sound spectrum. Turn this one up! Fuck the neighbours ITS DANNY TENEGLIA! SQ

Liberty city – Some Lovin’ (Murk mix)
This track is one of the sexiest tracks that liberty city put out. The bass line is OVER gurl! The haunting chords are spine tingling. Again so much to choose from as far as Liberty city are concerned but this is it for me. Ralph falcon at his best. BRING IT! SQ

Junior Vasquez – Get Your Hands Off My Man  (Junior’s Sound Factory Mix)
Top bitch vocals, with a long drawn out bass techy house bounce…GEt YOur…. HH

Willie Ninja – Hot (Adam K & Soha Mix)

The man himself , Willie Ninja , gives it good on this vogue classic. HH (NB… we can’t find this mix on the ‘tube!)

Jeremy Joshua & Harii Bandhu – My Head (Honey Dijon’s Give Me Good Head Mix)
Honey Dijon remixes this jackin pumpin groove, pure New York fierceness. HH

Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound
This is the absolute ultimate in-case-of-emergency-break-glass Acid Ball DJ tool… Tribally teriffic! “This is a journey into sound…” DB

Angel Moraes – Heaven Knows I Can’t Understand (Angel’s Factory Dub)
Deep, deep down! A totally hypnotic journey deep into the heart of house… Or something. Absolute dancefloor magic; full of space and voodoo. DB

Kiwi Dreams – Y? (Danny’s Ballroom mix)
Sorry… More Tenaglia! But this is such a thumper, not to mention a tried-and-tested Acid Ball all-rounder that I couldn’t resist. Total genius. DB

Get ON the floor —> See you at the ball

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hannah Holland in i-DJ

Hannah Holland For i-D Mag by Hannah Holland

i-DJ: Hannah Holland

Hannah Holland is the deeply infectious resident Trailer Trash DJ who is well and truly, totally addicted to bass.

First strumming bass guitar in her best friend's band from the age of thirteen, Hannah's blood pumping live sets are always jam-packed full of dirty rhythms and decent beats. Full of cheek and brazen blonde ambition, she is now co-founder of event-turned-record-label Batty Bass as well as being one of the most reputable, sought after DJs on the East London rave scene. Playing only the tunes she feels the most passionate about, Hannah's daytime activities revolve around her scouting out vintage delights from underground record shops and hitting up her favourite blogs in search of the freshest new tracks to keep her fingers busy and her fans dancing. Describing her signature sound as “dark energy with a whirlpool of bass and rhythm” this one woman party brings the beats that make you move your dancing feet. A regular at events Wet Yourself, Acid Ball and Society, Hannah can also be found at a heap of dance festivals over the summer ahead.

i-D Online caught up with the lady DJ to find out whats happening in front of and behind her turntables right now.

Can you remember the first record you ever brought?

Me and my mate went up to Soho and bought some records from Black Market, It was a pretty intimidating place for two young girls to walk into. Dred Bass was one of the records I bought, a classic jungle tune and I still have it!

What is your favorite track of all time?

That's a hard question, there are so many! Maybe, 'Baby Wants To Ride', Frankie Knuckles (it never left the box); Omni Trio's 'Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Remix)' never fails to emote; Rick James, 'Give It To Me Baby'. I'm bad at this question!

Tell us about your most memorable party?

There are many, but one of my favorite was the Trailer Trash First Birthday. It was held in a disused prison, the oldest and largest in London, it used to be home to petty criminals in Dickensian times. It was complete madness, people going bonkers in cells!

What makes a good night?

A combination of a great crowd, who love their music and are there to dance their asses off, a really nice sounds system, originality and true genuine love of what their doing from the people behind it. Magical things can happen when all this is aligned!

You're a professional night owl, what’s your secret behind keeping fresh, awake and together?
Music and adrenaline are very powerful drugs.

Do you think being a female DJ in a predominately male industry makes your job harder?

I try not to think about it, I just do what I love.

Hannah Holland's top five places to party until you pass out:

Berlin - Panorama Bar
London - too many to mention. But Batty Bass is a good start!
Paris - Nouveau Casino
Stockholm - Under Bron
Porto - Plano B

Listen to Hannah's exclusive mix for i-D Online here and see our full i-DJ back catalogue here.

Text Milly McMahon
Article link here

Friday, 25 March 2011

Paris Acid Ball tomorrow night @ Dalston Superstore - DSS blog with a great Paris Acid Ball Top 10 - complete with youtube videos to check!

Tomorrow night @ Dalston Superstore.
Sister party.. Paris' Acid Ball".... w/ Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont (Jam Factory) & Ben Pistor (Disco Bloodbath).

Check the excellent DSS blog with a great Paris Acid Ball Top 10 - complete with youtube videos to check and everything! Check it here

...the ball keeps rolling!

Landing with a bang at Dalston Superstore the Paris' Acid Ball collective are ready to Oooooooooueque!

SERVING you in the ballroom:
***Hannah Holland (Batty Bass/Trailer Trash)
***Squeaky (Tutti Frutti)

GIVING it to you in the bar:
***Ben Pistor (Disco Bloodbath)
***Dan Beaumont (Jam Factory/Dalston Superstore)

On the menu: Ballroom workouts, acid treats and bass lines to take you DEEP in vogue. Ladies... that's what we call SERVICE

Get ON the floor



Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"The last half hour of Batty Bass traditionally turns into a jungle fest." Hannah shares some classic jungle.

The last half hour of Batty Bass traditionally turns into a jungle fest. The music that first got me into dance music aged 10! Listening to friends brothers vinyl and pirate radio stations in South London it triggered a spark that never really burnt out!!! Here's some classics.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011







Holla Peeps!!!
We have very exciting news....

the album is OUT now in all good online stores...

Big love to everyone who made it down to the first album launch at The Star last Thursday.

To celebrate the album launch you can download Hannah's mix she did for DJ Mag below:

DJ Weekly Podcast 26: Hannah Holland by djmag

Berlin launch this weekend

This weekend sees us take over Berlin at Chez Jacki, with super special guest DJ Hell, who was so blown away with the album he wanted to come and join the crew for our party!!! bring it...

Event here

Check Bang Bang Berlin's excellent preview and interview with Hannah ahead of Saturday here

London launch #2 @ The Nest

We're gearing up for our second London launch at The Nest,

Cheap early bird tickets from here

Facebook event

Can't wait that long for some Batty Bass love? Best get yerself the album from these lovely shops:


You can find a more in-depth low down on each of the artists on our blog but below is each artist in bite sized chunks:

Hannah Holland - BB label head and founder - is a product of all the best bits of London club culture from the last decade; all the most innovative and exciting parties, scenes, movements, subcultures and music genres condensed
into one frenetic curly haired DJ.

Mama - South London born and breed, raised on house music, swing beat and the likes of Grace Jones and Talking Heads, with French and Nigerian roots...Mama sums up the melting pot of influences that is the driving force of Batty Bass and London for that matter. Hannah Holland and Mama met over some decks many moons ago and caught each others vibe so hard, they decided to start revolution of Batty!!
Andre J & Warboy - A totally original superstar of our time, fashion icon and addictive vocalist Andre J is the only transgender model to have graced the cover of Vogue. Together Andre J and Warboy, who has been responsible for some of the most groundbreaking and unique clubnights in London, make nightlife gold.
Pilocka Krach - Electronic punk MPC wize Pilocka, has an infectious sound and beautifully bonkers persona to go with it!

Keaton - Coming from a Drum and bass background Keaton breaks the mould with an infusion of bass and house, always soulful.
Alex Noble - Creater of the Batty visual world, Alex Noble's genius skill brings the music to 2d life!
Jahcoozi - Capture the spirit of Batty Bass with there perfectly blended infusion of bass, beats and twisted styles.
Feral - Hailing from the East End underground, part of the infamous drag queen colective, Feral AKA MC Kinky has been slammin vocals since the days of acid house with her equally acid tongue!
POSH! The Prince - Batty Bass first met POSh on the dancefloor of the legendary club Panarama Bar ... his moves surpassed all other...his energy and vibe is other worldly. There is no one quite like this Hardcore Psychedelic Funk magical being! Lady Gaga even took him around the world as her right hand performace man on stage

Check out our blog, with super gems from our players Dan Beaumont and Deboa!!! Plus have u seen the new Mama video for her awesome track Horses?!!

Spread the love peeps!!!
See u shakin it soon BB crew!!! XXX

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