Monday, 7 February 2011

2 Batty Bass favourites from Deboa

There's a long selection of tracks I love to drop at Batty Bass that go down well, Oh Superman, Mirror Dance, Midnight, Brooklyn New York but the two I've chosen are tracks that are a little bit different. Tracks that, the first time I heard, I knew were right for BBB. For me they're individual, funky, brukky, bassy, they mirror what I see and feel at BBB

Dapayk and Padberg - 'Khes'
I drop this a lot - always in the box. Tribal beats with a snap to it. The vocal is simple but works - I'm still not bored of it after almost 2 years.. The melody is simple too but when you listen closely to it you begin to hear these cheeky bleeps and boops. I picture these pre-colonial African drummers communicating with each other..I still love music, boom, boom, boom..

Rebolledo - 'Amigos Coemme'
This track is totally different from most pieces out there. Its stripped down, tough beats, with quirky vocals that I don't understand. But you can just imagine what he's talking about. Its a fun track, It doesn't take itself too seriously. A real head bopper with a mid bass that draws you in. It can be a bridging track between a warm up and a peak set but also works well when I've played it late.

Rebolledo - Amigos Cómeme by cómeme