Monday, 16 February 2009

Dayvan Cowgirl

so the last couple of weeks have been mucho fun, Space in Leeds was a blast. Massive shouts to Ugene and crew who showed me the afterhours parties of Leeds, which was full of laughs, thank u! Brighton was again pretty special, i met many batty bass disciples down there who just went insane for the bass, great to see, thanks to Andrew for letting us boss him around after the show!!! Sankeys in Manchester was a fun trip with my gurl Kerrie-Ann, but the gig was a lil disappointing as the crowd had seriously thinned by the time i got on, which was the last set, just one of those odd ones!!! The air seemed thick with ketamine and we witnessed a few people being literally thrown out, which is never good vibes for the dancefloor in my opinion! Onwards to this weeks gigs with lots of new ammunition and bass power! Ill be in the studio this week , finishing a remix for Worthy which im really excited about.. PLus FINALLY the all important distribution contract for Batty Bass Records is on the table and just about to be signed, its been a painfully slow in getting this project off the ground , what with the current climate of the buisness (companies going under left right and centre) but we are very nearly there and have some amazing records to deliver to your good selves!!! Watch this space.

im feeling floaty and positve this monday and Boards Of Canada sum up my mood!!!