Friday, 10 October 2008

see ya later oz ... xx

Melbourne was fun at Revolver, the club that doesnt close its doors til monday. It really reminded me of the Panarama Bar in Berlin, lots of debauchery going on, the decor was really cool, and it was lovely to see some friends from London.

Sydney was big the next day, Action and Moulin ROuge gigs were great, shouts to Sarah Potplant and gang :)

The thing that most impressed me was the soundsystems, every venue had an amazing system, no matter how small it was. Makes me realize just how sloppy most venues in London are, sadly.

general messy behaviour continued , leading from the excellent party Lost Baggage. amazing techno music, and fierce mental crowd who were so much fun to party with.

So it was a real privilege to take Batty Bass to some amazing places, play on some killer sound systems, make some batties shake , eat some delicious food, and meet proper tiptop peeps.
big love to Wade, Tim, Simon, James, Sandwiches crew, Ben, Action, Revolver, Empire, and Petro n gang and all the party crew i met along the way xxxx

more pics can be seen in my facebook init!!!