Tuesday, 8 July 2008

more summer goodness

another big summer wkder just gone, and a sea of happy ravers. It kicked off with Bastard Batty Bass , another bonkers night with mama and the batty bass bitches out of control and isa gt and nat self played wicked sets. fri at Trailer Trash was a gooden too, i dished out some dark n deep beats, causing dance floor burn, im getting back into the Oliver Huntemann sounds...yum. Sat was very enjoyable at Ministry Of Sound , i played the last set in the bar, so again could take it a lil deeper, crowd were really up for it, and seeing the whole Pete Tong superstar thing in the main room always fascinates me, plus ministry is vvvv close to my house to i can woddle home afterwards :) then on Sunday myself and Mc Chickaboo headed down to Zoo8 festival in Kent, a lot of festivals this year have really suffered with the over saturation, weather, and money. A few acts cancelled and it was unsure what the payment situation was ganna be like, we got there and it was sooooo windy and lashing with rain. Which proved to be our advantage because everyone was inside the Chew The Fat tent gettin messy. Great vibes and Chickaboo had the crowd doin the dubstep face, were it looks like u have just smelt the worse smell ever! Lots of fun.
big shouts to all the party peeps and promoters
zoo8 festival