Tuesday, 1 July 2008


holla peeps, ive been so shit last week, been around the world and not taken any goddamn pictures...DOH!. so here;s a few lil tales from my travels,
First up was Ibiza, arrived there with my friend Barney, to be greeted by the promoter, asking, "Do you know about the Judgement Villas?" , (which is where we are staying, ominous name, which is after the club im playing for Judgement Sundays @ Eden) "No" i reply, he laughs and tells me its pretty wild and anything goes. Fantastic :/ !
We get taken to dinner at a club, Judge Jules is playing as we eat food and lary men watch the footie, San Antonio is the side of Ibiza ive never been to, for one reason, its Blackpool, mixed with the red light district of Amsterdam, in Spain. Anyway i am extremely glad to be there and cant wait for what tonight brings.
We get down to the club which is absolutely massive, 3000 people or something, everywhere are gorgeous girls and British louts, havin it. We get shown to the VIP area, where im handed an envelope full naughty things.nice.After chatting to Will, promoter and crew (love em, big up) Im interviewed for Judge Jules DVD, i say cliche things about how beautiful and special Ibiza is and try and spread the Batty bass word! Then i head down to the room which im playing in, the backroom, hosted by Good For Nothing, its got a really nice vibe and crowd in there, Utah Saints r playing a crackin breaks set, I get on and deliver a bangin set, really happy with it, tpodium dancers coming to give me hugs and tell me how much they loved dancing to it, and general smiles all round. Judge Jules steps up to play after me and i get swept out the way by his minions! He reminded a bit of a dj telly tubby fr some reason!! Anyway, we venture into the main room for about 1 min.....OH MY GOD. hard house, it scares me....and 3000 blokes gurning their faces off...it was a "CHav-a-lanche" as Barney put it!!!! Rest of the time involved being in the VIP terrace catching jokes with the Good For Nothing crew, then back to the villa.
All im saying is that Nick is Amazing. There where boulders of hash that looked like ornaments laying around this place. We had fun.
Chilled out for the next couple of days with friends then back to London, geta lil rest and head to Glastonbury.
Now, i wasnt going to go........after the trauma of experiencing the mud before, i figured it wasnt worth it, i hadnt arranged any transport or anything, as in my head i was sure i wasnt going. BUT after some personal bullshit i decided FUK IT IM GOING!!!
so i hired a car , the only one i could get near me at such short notice was a BMW. great. so i picked up 2 girlfriends, and head to the festival. Mama Shamone had assured me the weather was sunny as she had been looking at the forecast.
8 HOURS LATER, WE ARE STILL IN TRAFFIK IN TORRENTIAL RAIN. oh my days, no. one of my girls only has flipflops.
We manage to get in finally, and wade our way in the rain through the mud to find the field im playing in, TRash City. Mama Shamone, r still driving even having left 2hrs b4 me...this is slightly traumatic. i drink as much free beer as i can find and head for NYC Downlow tent, which is where Jonny Woo and my drag queen friends are, this made the trip worth it, those sisters r tooooo fierce, dancing around in beautiful dresses, soaked , stilettos caked in mud. RESPECT. they cheer me up no end. Mama Shamone eventually arrives and go straight on stage, play a storming set, then i step up to play, Jonny Woo and crew arrive , they come out on stage with much joy from the crowd, they r tooooooooo fierce. The crowd are starting to kick off as the batty bass takes over, its really exciting. Everybodies hands are starting to fly in the air , when.....THE POWER GETS CUT>> The officals close the tent down as they didnt have the proper license apparently, some bullshit. Such a shame, the whole crowd roaring for more, pissed off i looked at Jonny and he just said, just bask in the glory huney!! hehehe.
Anyway, so after a long night with the Deepgrove boys who looked after me, i fell asleep in a tent with Mama n Ru then woke up and GOT THE FUK OUT OF THERE. i was so scared the BMW was ganna get stuck in the mud, i just left.
SO back to London for a quick sleep and then jump on the Eurostar to Paris. I played at Le Social , for Barbi(e)turix, a fantastic lesbian club. Why r gay girls in Paris so fuking cool??? They had just been celebrating Paris Gay Pride that day so energy was HIGH!! big shouts to Lauren Flax,who played a stormin house set, Roxymore, Lolita and the rest of the girls, a vvvvvvvv drunken night was had, and i really enjoyed playing , those ladies love the batty bass.
backstage @ le social